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Creating Your Memoirs

I’m sure many of us have contemplated the idea of writing our memoirs. Well, okay maybe not many of us,  just a few of us have thought about it. There seem to be two common concerns when starting. One is knowing where and how to start, do I put it on paper or computer.

The other one is how much information can be included. For instance, what we find interesting might not be as interesting to others. Let’s face it when reading about our ancestors, not everything we read is a nail bitter. I found myself stuck, questioning where to start and what should be included.  So I ended up putting everything aside. Subsequently while visiting a local book store I came across this book “The Book of Me: A Do-It-Yourself Memoir”. It’s a  fun guided approach in helping you collect the content needed in creating your memoirs.  I did check before posting this, yes, it is available on Amazon. It’s made up of 7 chapters, approximately 28 to 60 pages per chapter including the introduction. Within each chapter, you are asked multiple questions to help build your memoirs. Here are a couple of examples;

  • “How did you handle competition?”
  • “What family legends do you know about?”
  • “What was your most appalling bad hair day?”

I’m happy to say I’ve started writing mine and thanks to this book I find it much easier. Plus, I’m adding some additional information in some of the chapters. Isn’t it funny when you start telling a story how many twists and turns you can take in telling it?

Have you started writing your memoirs yet? Let us know and share your techniques, you might influence others to start theirs.

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Your Memoirs
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