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Locating those international vital records can be difficult for many of us. Sure, some of them you can obtain through some online sites but what about those you cant? Do you know what is required in obtaining a birth certificate in Ontario?  Or how about marriage records in Hong King? Don’t worry neither did  I but thanks to this book, “International Vital Records Handbook” By Thomas Jay Kemp it’s all good.

Records Handbook

Again, I made this purchase while attending a genealogy conference, I’m starting to see a spending pattern here. Thomas had taken the time to explain what is needed in obtaining some of those vital records from births, marriages, death, adoptions and more. Including the easy to copy forms requesting those much-needed vital records in your research.

You will find all you need in requesting those records form all 50 states including US citizens abroad, all US trusted territories and international countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. If you’re doing some international research then the need for those records is a given. Now my book is the 5th edition, there are actually seven editions out as of 2017. For those not attending one of the many genealogy conferences, you can find the book on Amazo .

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International Records

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