David Allen Lambert

The RibbonMan

Yes, I’m talking about the famous David Allen Lambert who continues to proudly wear his lanyard with a trail of ribbons. During almost every conference I’ve ever attended there, he is with all of his ribbons.  I interviewed David approximately a year ago during the 2017 FGS conference in Pittsburgh asking him about his ribbons.

David Allen Lambert
“The RibbonMan” FGS 2018
FGS 2017 Conference
David A Lambert FGS 2017

As a result, many of you have had questions about this “ribbon thing” and what it’s really all about. So as luck would have it I ran into David during this years FGS conference in Fort Wayne. There is a surprising story behind those ribbons, he talks about it during our interview below.

We also talked about his new position as the SAR Massachusetts Chapter Historian. How belonging to this chapter has helped him feel as if he is carrying the family torch for the Rev. Soldier in his family.

Founders, Fisherman and Family History Cruise

I couldn’t let the interview stop there without hearing more about the Founders, Fisherman and Family History Cruise in August of 2019 sponsored by MyHeritage. It will be leaving Montreal setting sail along the east coast visiting Quebec City, Charlottetown, Sydney, and Halifax is just a few of the places you will visit along the way. While aboard you will enjoy presentations by David himself, “New England Probate and Deeds” and “Canadian Census”.  Along with fellow genealogist, Gena Philibert-Ortega, “The Wives of Fishermen: The Lives of 19th Century Women and the Records They Left Behind”, Tami Osmer Mize, “Your Ultimate Digital Genealogy Research Log- Easily Track and Organize Your Research Information and Images” and Daniel Horowitz, “Integrating DNA and Family History at MyHeritage.com.” That is just a taste of the presentations you can attend plus you can’t forget about the demos. There’s still time to make your reservations and set sail on this journey I’ve included all the links below the video. Yes, of course, we ended the interview with some rapid-fire questions, let’s just say David is a hard one to stump.

Enjoy the video leave me a few comments letting me know what you think. Don’t forget to check out the links below for the cruise.


The Massachusetts Society Sons of the American Revolution 

Founders, Fishermen, and Family History Cruise  

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