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In opening my cabinet of resource books today I decided to share another one from my “Family Tree” collection. I purchased this book, “The Family Tree Sourcebook” about 10 years ago while attending a conference. Its listed as a guide/directory for your county and town records here in the US. If you’ve ever attended one of the many great genealogy conferences I’m sure you’ve seen this cover.

Resource book
The Family Tree Sourcebook

I will have to say I have gotten quite a lot of use out of this one over the years and find it quite handy. No matter if you’ve been researching for a while I think you could find this one just as useful. Each chapter is broken down by states and in those chapters, you’re provided with some brief historical information on that state and some helpful contact information.

Let me elaborate just a little, let’s take Kentucky for instance. You’ll find mailing and email addresses, website information, and phone numbers.  All these guiding you to different societies, archives, and libraries. Plus (insert smile here) county details with some of the best information on each county within that state. The only downfall is it’s limited to the US but then again with over 700 pages full of helpful information, I can’t imagine how large it would be with more countries added.

I can say that I have seen this particular book at a few conferences this past year. But in case you are unable to locate on, I’ve included this link to Amazon for you,

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Research Resource Book
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