Chambers House

Historic Chambers House

Built in the early 1800’s the Chambers house is a Quaker style home is also known as the “Stairways.”  While walking around the outside of the home I noticed it was actually built into the side of a hill. Once I made it around to what I thought was the back of the home I noticed a door. It turns out this was the front entrance into the home on the second floor. It appears to be this was also facing the main road, well what’s left of the road. When touring the inside of the home you must enter and exit through the back door in the basement, first floor. 

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The reason the house has the nickname “Stairways” is because of the three stairways inside of the home. The one constructed in the original portion of the home is made of stone. The home was built by Joseph Chambers after the death of his father, Benjamin. The land the home was built on was purchased by his father around 1770, close to 250 acres. Currently it is used as a nature center for the park.

Chambers House
2nd Floor Entrance


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Chambers House
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