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Let’s face it when we first started researching our family, our ancestors it became a true journey. A journey into the past, learning more about them, their lives and those around them. There are three books that I would often refer too and still find them useful. So, it doesn’t matter if your starting out or you’ve been researching for a while, check these three books out.


Mastering Census and Military Records by W. Daniel Quillen    Searching for our ancestors can sometimes be a nerve-raking task. For those wanting to learn some tips, ticks and techniques in searching census record, military records and even mortality records will find this book especially useful. Mr. Quillen shares with you some of the pitfalls he’s encountered along the way helping you to learn from his journey. 




Mastering Immigration & Naturalization Records by W. DanielQuillen You’ve been working hard to learn more about your ancestors, here in the United States. You’ve researched census records, military records, birth and death records, what more could there be. Well we know that most of our ancestors crossed “the pond” so to speak. Now you find yourself looking for those immigration and naturalization records. This is the perfect time to take a look at this book. 




Mastering Family, Library & Church Records by W. Daniel Quillen    Our family letters, bibles and other personal collections hold so much personal information. We sometimes forget to look at the information that can be found in our churches, our libraries. Obtaining church records can seem like a foreign language to some. Thankfully with this book and Quillen sharing some of his helpful tips you can maneuver those obstacles. 


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Books for Your Journey
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