Panda Bear

First Panda

In a purchase from eBay there were a couple of photos, just like this one. Noted on the back of one “1st Panda Bear at Brookfield Zoo“. While I typical share photos with people in them, I thought this might be of interest to some.

Panda Bear

Therefore I couldn’t help myself and wanted to see what else I could find out. The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago served as the home to Su-Lin, pictured above.  Yes I’m having a small celebration, I have a name, location and more. It turns out that she is the first Panda Bear in a United States zoo. She made her appearance around 1936, now that doesn’t mean that’s the photograph date. In a BBC news article dated December 2, 2013 it state she was a baby in 1936. This photograph was obviously taken a couple years later. In reading the article linked above you will learn more about Su-Lin. Along with those who rescued her and the meaning of her name. 


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Panda Bear
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