Death Certificate Code

Cause of Death Code

There have been numerous times while reviewing death certificates the cause of death is illegible. Have you ever wondered what that handwritten number meant in the “cause of death section”? Actually, that code can be the answer to your question as to the cause of death. Sometimes overlooked as chicken scratches on death certificates it can hold the information you’re looking for.

Death Code
Julia Katherine Elfrank

Known as the ICD, International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, yes, I’m glad they have an acronym also. We didn’t start using it here in the United States until around 1898.

Where are these codes you might ask, well don’t fear. Thanks to Wolfbane Cybernetic in Scotland you can now search for those answers. Please keep in mind that not all death certificates have this code. If you do have one on a death certificate in your research, this just might help.


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Death Certificate Code
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