What’s in All Those File Cabinets

File Cabinets Line the Wall

Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library


File cabinets you say, what could be in those? Well lucky for you I’ve spent some time going through those cabinets and their files. Not all of them because that will take months and I’m not joking, months. They are lucky to have such a well-organized collection in the basement of the library. When I was first told about this collection I didn’t really understand what it was or the size.

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I know I’ve mentioned the Corbit-Calloway Memorial Library in Odessa, Delaware.  When I was given a tour of what all can be found I never expected to see such a nice collection. This is one collection that is easy for anyone to use in their research, wither your research your family, an event or even a business. Okay now I can see that I have your attention. The library received these cabinets and all of their contents from John Dickinson who took is hobby and collection seriously. Mr. Dickinson took his time to not only clip articles of interest out of many Delaware newspapers but also placed them in protective pockets. He also worked out a filing system placing them in alphabetical in four different categories. From A-Z you can find information in categories of Subjects, Places, M.O.T. Families and Delawareans.

MOT Surnames
MOT Families
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What’s in All Those File Cabinets
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