Haplogroup What is That?


Okay some of us have had our DNA tested in hoping to find out more about our ancestors. There seems to be one word that keeps turning up with a big question mark, haplogroup.  So, here’s the official dictionary definition; a set of similar haplotypes inherited together, or a group who share a set of similar haplotypes, used to understand genetic lineagesYeah, I know I can see the expressions on your faces even from here. 


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A quick definition that might help you to better understand it, without all of the scientific and technical terms. Think of it like this, the haplogroup is the general region and origin of your maternal ancestors. You might find it easier viewing the term as a large group, family group like Native American a Viking clan. It tells us where our ancestors came from long ago way back in time. I hope this helps some I know there are some more websites you can visit. To get some additional information on the term, how it plays in your DNA results try visiting the following sites.

The Genetic Genealogist 

Kitty Cooper

AncestorCloud Blog

The Legal Genealogist


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Haplogroup What is That?
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