Safely Cleaning Tombstones

Safe for our Veterans Tombstones

Safe for our Historical Monuments

When visiting a cemetery, you notice some of the tombstones are covered in dirt, mold and debris. I’ve heard many different ideas about cleaning them. Some are definitely not safe, scrubbing with a Comet cleaner or even using a product like Lime Away.  Therefore I wanted to share some additional information about the video I posted on YouTube today, “Wipe It Clean, Save Our Tombstones”.

2017 FGS D/2 Flyer Cleaning Tombstones
D/2 Biological Solution Comparison

While at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference I had the opportunity to speak with a few vendors. One that caught my attention, D/2 a biological solution that safely cleans cemetery tombstones. As you saw in the video it safely cleans. So my questions were mainly about safely cleaning tombstones. Finally, for me the proof was in the photographs they had, and the acknowledgement of those who use the product.

FGS2017 D/2 Cleaning Tombstones
Approved and Used

Safely cleaning tombstones, monuments, historical markers and even wood that anyone can use it. The application is simple with two different application options. First option would be to spray on the stone then walk away.   Second option, spray it on the stone, let it set then use a soft brush to clean. Consequently, the second option is one to use for quicker results.  


Jonathan Appell, the gentleman in the video is with Atlas Preservation. His company is active in tombstone and historical monument preservation. Jonathan has appeared in numerous news articles focusing on the saving, restoration and cleaning of the Jamestown Knight’s Tomb. Maybe after reading his article and viewing the video you might be inspired to give it a try yourself. I know I plan on giving it a try, I have a bottle and will share the process from beginning to end on an upcoming YouTube video.

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Safely Cleaning Tombstones
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