Old Middletown Academy Attic

Who was in that Attic?

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In a recent YouTube video, “What’s in the Attic?” I took everyone up to an attic that many haven’t visited or even knew was there. If you watched you might have recognized some of the names that appeared on video. As you can only image the walls were full of information. That’s what brings me to today’s post on my website. There were many names, don’t worry I took a few photos and that’s what you will find below. I saw everything from signatures with dates, year of graduation to of course a few hearts with initials. Yes even some interesting pieces of artwork, I can’t forget the running tabs from the “Candy Shop”.

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Unfortunately, I can’t load all of them now or it would take forever for this post to appear. With that,  I’m currently working on a list of names and will share those later. If you come across one of the names or photos you recognize let me know. I would be more than happy to forward you a copy of the photo through email that’s not a problem. By the way if you missed the video I mentioned above you can still view it below.


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Old Middletown Academy Attic

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