How are Your Roots

Family Trees

No, I’m not talking about those roots, I’m talking about the documents you have to support your tree. When I looked outside and see all the trees and the leaves starting to change colors. It made me stop and think about them and how the roots support and nourish the trees and help them to grow.


When constructing our family trees, we look for documents to support what we have heard or read. So those documents, certificates, photographs and even pages from a bible are our roots. Without them it would be difficult for our family tree to stand strong and continue to grow. If you like me and many others there are times that your tree will stop growing on one side. Then you find yourself having to shift your research focus. Have you ever received your DNA results only to realize your tree might fall? Or how about receiving your DNA results and your tree grows to new heights? There are so many different things that can affect our research, one step forward and two steps back. Sometimes for some of us the hardest thing is not giving up. While with others its remembering to eat and sleep.

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How are Your Roots
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