Genealogy Map Project

Map Your Ancestors

We have all seen a state map and even world maps. How about putting some of those to use with a fun family history project. You can even look at it as an educational project for the school age members of your home. I came up with the idea after view some Pinterest pins last year. I wanted to share with everyone where our ancestors were from, both stateside and overseas. What better way to do that then with a map.

Fun Map Activity
Map of the World and United States

After purchasing some inexpensive maps, cork boards and multi colored pushpins I had my project necessities. Now time to start mapping out ancestor locations. Oh yeah why have multi colored pushpins, well each color represents a specific surname. For example, my maternal Elfrank ancestors are all yellow. So where ever I’ve located the birth of my direct Elfrank line I placed a yellow push pin.

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Genealogy Map Project
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