Communicate With The Dead

Don’t You Communicate Your Deceased Ancestors

We all communicate with people we meet on a daily bases. Whether its face to face, over the phone or even through text messages. Why is it so hard to believe we can’t with our dead relatives? This was a question posed to me after a presentation I gave on including cemeteries in your research.

I know this is a Throw Back Thursday and that’s why this topic goes so well with post from 2012. I’m sure some of you when you started reading this post had the same expression the ladies did from this post Spirit, Ghost and Ancestors.

A post that came out about a month ago on how to cite information you are given by a Medium. How many of you have ever encountered this? Have you ever had a client tell you “a Medium told me my three times grandfather wasn’t an only child”.  I was surprised to see how many respond to that post with a yes and how they would cite it. In case your wondering most would cite it as an interview. How would you respond? Finally would you include the information in your final report as a researcher?

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Communicate With The Dead
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