ARodesky Genealogy Meets YouTube

That’s Right, No Typo “YouTube”

Why Not

It’s time to have some fun with genealogy and my business. YouTube seemed like the next logical choice. I have so many ideas running through my head I don’t know where to start. I guess the best place is finding out more about the process and starting my channel. So, the obvious is the name of my channel, well this was a no brainier for me “ARodesky Genealogy”. I’m getting a familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach. Oh yeah, the same feeling I had when I started blogging five years ago.

What to put on my channel, well that’s a tough one. Spending time sitting at a desk or showing PowerPoint slides isn’t really me. I do enough of that with presentations, don’t get me wrong I love giving presentations. There are some great channels on genealogy and family history.  

I’m going to show the fun, interesting, exciting, walking on the edge of crazy. Not throwing a pie in someone’s face crazy. Maybe some street interviews with strangers and finding out what they know about their family history. With all of that I will make sure to add some interesting research tips and who knows maybe even reveal some surprise research finds. I can almost guarantee I will end up in a cemetery or two.

So, with all this being said I guess the best thing to do is jump right in with selfie stick in hand. What better way to start it off then with the upcoming FGS Conference. The excitement of those attending is equivalent to comic book geeks attending Comic Con. No, we don’t show up in custom, well not all of us, but we carry our conference bags full of goodies. Meeting likeminded people, talking with some old friends and making new ones. So, what the heck, why not. Look for some live streaming on my way there and throughout the conference. If all goes well I’ll make my first YouTube Channel post on the 7th of September. Traveling by train this time, haven’t done that since Germany, can’t wait.



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ARodesky Genealogy Meets YouTube
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