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     Wow who knew when the month of November rolled around I would find myself so busy that I would neglect posting on my blog. I’m sure that has never happen to anyone else. (Insert a smile with a few giggles.)  Well let me catch you up on all of the fun that has taken place in my world of family, genealogy, history and research. We celebrated another successful Halloween making memories. My parents joined us in the trick-or-treat festivities and a day trip into Philadelphia.  If you ever have the chance to walk around parts of Philadelphia prepare yourself for the amount of history you will see, hear and feel.  Wonderful!
     I presented “Searching Newspapers” at the Downstate Delaware Genealogical Society, on the 10th of October, I believe I already blogged on that experience.  I then had the opportunity to present “Getting Started” at the Appoquinimink Community Library and had a fun time with a great turn out and some wonderful questions. I will be presenting there again on the 13th of January “Researching from Your Couch,” sharing some sites you can view from the comfort of your home while research your ancestors.   

     Before the night of witches, ghost and goblins I had the opportunity to be interviewed and appear in a local documentary on Middletown, “Middletown USA.” Nadine Owens Burton is the spirit behind this project and she continues to pour her love for Middletown our history and growth into this film. It was interesting to learn through this filming that there are actually 22 towns called Middletown within the United States. You’re invited to view her page,     and see what she has accomplished so far.
     During the month of November I found myself working on research for a few clients and was able to reveal my work to one client. She was so delighted to learn more about her family and had a better understanding as to why her grandmother was so tough. Sometimes we hear stories about how one of our ancestors seemed to always be grumpy or wouldn’t spend a dime. Maybe they were always wrapped in a blanket while sitting in their home. She couldn’t understand why in the world her grandmother wouldn’t turn on the heat and insisted that a blanket and fire was all that was needed to keep her home warm. After reading some of the stories she had better understanding and found a new respect for that “grumpy grandma.”   
     I also had the opportunity to be one of the 12 presenters during a career fair at one of the local middle schools. I know that I’ve posted before on the fun I have presenting to our youth and their desire to learn more. Some of the questions I got were what you might expect, “how much money can you make,” “do you have a college degree,” “what it the hardest thing to find while researching.”Some of the unusual questions that made me laugh were “do you have to dig up the bodies of the ancestors,” and “is the paper they would write stuff on still alive.”  There were some really questions about DNA, difference between a record and a vital record and what information can be found in a cemetery. I had a few hands on items for them to view which always helps with the history connection.

     Whew…now onto this wonderful month of December. Finished closing another wonderful client and shared in the joy of her discovery. I was lucky enough to have some of her family’s history available to share with her from our local Middletown Historical Society. I’ve said it before and will say it again; your local historical society might have that key to unlocking some of your family’s history.  
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