Halloween and a War

This isn’t the typical Halloween article that I’ve been sharing this month but thought it brought a good reminder that even with a war going on some still tried to carry on with a show of respect. 
Printed on Friday the 4th of October 1942 in the Dallas Morning News out of Dallas, Texas
Halloween Monkeyshines Out;
Rowdyism Will Mean Jail Cell
Dallas is due for one of the quietest Halloweens on record if the authorities have anything to say about it.
Every restriction hitherto imposed will be drawn tighter, Chief of Police J. M. Welch said Saturday. There will be no toleration on this first Halloween of this war of pranks which destroy property or disturb peace.
And military authorities will be equally vigilant. Lieut. William A Gogreve of the detachment of military police here said every precaution would be taken to prevent any trace of hoodlumism by soldiers.
If necessary, he said, requests for special detachments of military police will be made for Halloween weekend.
Elm Street will be roped off as usual Halloween night from Harwood to Lamar, Chief Welch said, and several police officers will be placed on duty in each block.
Cruising squads in the residential areas will be doubled. Every policeman in Dallas will work that night.
Fireworks will not be permitted. Except in the downtown area, needless noise will bring swift arrest. Speeders will be harshly dealt with and such open unlawful acts as turning in false fire alarms or destroying property of any sort, public or private,  will be dealt with precisely as if they had occurred on any other day of the year.
“This is war,” said Chief Welch. It’s no time for any wild celebrations to keep our workers form their sleep or break up property we might not be able to replace.
“The city now has a rigid antinoise ordinance. The entire nation has been asked to conserve its rubber and automobiles as a direct contribution to the war effort.
“We are going to see that the laws are not broken, Halloween or no Halloween.”
Police would prefer that the persons who feel they must make a racket and celebrate go downtown, where they can be watched in a group.
They say one large crowd is easier to handle than roaming troupes wandering in residential sections.
For the quieter celebrants, however, all community centers in the Dallas park system are planning Halloween parties. Virtually all will include special programs.

USO headquarters at the Baker Hotel will have a special Halloween program and its usual Saturday night dance for soldiers. A Halloween party is being considered for the club at Love Field. 
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Halloween and a War

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