Sunday Cemetery – Five Children Now Orphans

Published on the 9th of October in 1907 in the Baltimore American out of Baltimore, MD
Murderer Taken to Cemetery Just Before Dark – Wife to Be Buried Today
With no friends or relatives present, the body of Albert Fiedler, who murdered his wife and committed suicide last Sunday afternoon, was lowered into a grave dug in unconsecrated ground shortly before dark yesterday afternoon in Holy Redeemer Cemetery on the Belair road. The time of the burial of the murderer and suicide was kept secret by the undertaker. It was stated in East Baltimore yesterday that the burial of Fielder would take place in Holy Redeemer Cemetery in the afternoon, and scores of persons, mostly women, went to the cemetery and waited several hours for the appearance of the wagon. When the shades of evening began to fall the crowd, which had gathered at the cemetery, left the graveyard and returned to their homes thinking that the funeral of the suicide would take place this morning.
Funeral Director Wendell Dippel had made arrangements with the official at the cemetery for the interment to take place as late in the afternoon as possible, and at 5:30 o’clock the undertaker’s wagon passed through the entrance of the cemetery. The wagon was driven to the part of the cemetery which is unconsecrated, where solitary grave had been dug. The grave is surrounded by the graves of suicides and christened persons, and when the wagon drove up the grave digger laid the ropes across the opening and in the presence of the two men the remains of Albert Fiedler were covered with earth. There were no mourners and no flowers of a religious ritual over all that was mortal of the man who had made five happy children orphans in the space of a few minutes. When the grave was filled the shades of night had enveloped the cemetery.

The funeral of Mrs. Fiedler will take place this morning at 8 o’clock from St. Michael’s Church. Wolfe and Lombard streets. Interment will be in Holy Redeemer Cemetery, but the grave will be nowhere near that of the man who was once her husband. 
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Sunday Cemetery – Five Children Now Orphans

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