Saturday Spotting – July 4th 1812

Published on the 6th of June in 1812 in the American Watchman out of Wilmington, DE
     Fourth of July 1812 – Never since the ever memorable 4th of July 1776, has there been a greater call upon the citizens of the United States to celebrate the birth day of American Independence than at the present. Whilst we enjoyed the blessings of a kind Providence, in granting as peach, liberty and prosperity, without the apprehension of “foes without and foes within,” we had only assemble together, and spend the day in gratitude to heaven, and conviviality.
     It should now be strongly impressed upon our minds that this may be the last anniversary in which we can enjoy all of those blessings. Threatened as we are with approaching war; deranged as our foreign affairs appear, it behoves us to unfurl the banners of Columbia and assemble as freemen, determined to maintain, under the protection of Providence, those inestimable blessings, which we have enjoyed, for six and thirty years. Let every true American therefore come forward on the 4th of July next, and make a solemn pledge of his “life, his fortune and his sacred honor,” to his country’s cause.

     For the purpose of making the necessary arrangement for the celebration of the day, the citizens of Wilmington and its vicinity are respectfully and particularity requested to attend. 
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Saturday Spotting – July 4th 1812

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