NGS Countdown Preparation

NGS Countdown

What Do I need to Pack?

The countdown has begun and the NGS (National Genealogical Society) conference if fast approaching. I don’t know about most of you but I’m getting excited, this will be the first NGS conference I’ve attended.  Years past there always seemed to be a scheduling conflict that interfered with me attending. But not this year and I’m interested in seeing what awaits me and how it compares to the FGS (Federal Genealogical Society) conferences I’ve attended. The conferences might be different but the “getting ready” process is the same.  Not sure about you but I’m one of those that checks and re-checks my packing list so the first stage of checking is under way.

Plane reservations

*      Confirmation saved in file
*      Printed confirmation in binder

Transportation from airport   

*      Confirmation saved in file
*      Printed confirmation in binder

Hotel reservations  

*      Confirmation saved in file
*      Printed confirmation in binder

NGS conference

*      Paid for and confirmation saved in NGS file
*      Printed confirmation in binder

NGS Lecture picks

*      Saved in the NGS file
*      NGS mobile saved (This is a very handy app to have on your phone. If you haven’t checked it out yet I recommend that you give it a view)

Cable check  

*      Make sure all labels are attached to cables (phone charger, computer cables, tablet, etc.)

Suitcase Packing List

Personal Items
*      6 outfits
*      6 pairs of shoes including slippers
*      P.J.’s
*      Robe
*      Bag of Bling
*      2 belts
*      Jacket
*      Unmentionables (oops I mentioned them)
*      3 pairs socks
*      Sewing kit
*      Tooth brush
*      Tooth paste
*      Floss
*      Mouth wash
*      Make-up (don’t want to scare anyone)
*      Brush
*      Blow dryer
*      Curling Iron
*      Shampoo/Conditioner/soap
*      Razor (dang beard)
*      Deodorant (a must in close quarters for days)
*      Facial cleaning equipment (don’t ask)
*      Medication (be sure to include Tylenol and Tums you never know)
*      Lotion
*      Nail polish
*      Q-tips
*      Cotton squares
*      Tweezers
*      Nail clippers
*      Nail file
*      Scissors

Workcase Packing List

*      NGS Binder
*      Laptop
*      Laptop cord
*      Tablet
*      Tablet cord
*      Mechanical pencils
*      Refill lead for pencils
*      2 Red ink pens
*      2 Blue ink pens
*      2 Black ink pens
*      Four multi colored highlighters
*      Business cards
*      Power Brick
*      Flip-Pal Scanner
*      Rechargeable batteries
*      Mouse w/key
*      Livescribe
*      Livescribe cord
*      Large Livescribe book
*      Computer lock
*      Legal pad of paper
*      Binder with all travel documents
Phew! Hence now I can set back, relax for a couple of days. Then it’s time to implement the packing process. How ready are you for the conference? Have I left anything out? What does your packing list look like? 
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NGS Countdown Preparation
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