Tuesday Treasure – Needlepoint Ducks

     Some of you might look at this and wonder how it can be a treasure with the beautiful stitching. Insert smile and a little giggle. I’ve shared a few items that were hand down to me from my grandma Elfrank well this one is one I created with her. Every summer my brothers and I would spend time with our grandparents, our parents needed a break I guess don’t know why we were such angels. While we would visit we would spend hours enjoying ourselves everything from playing cards, board games, going to the park, Shriner events and even learning new things. The year I made this slips my mind but I’m sure you can tell I was learning needlepoint.  Grandma had a few patterns to choose from and I liked the ducks for this tea towel. I also made two pillow cases one with a princes and one with a long eared puppy, I still have those but can’t remember where I packed them.  Looking at it I remember all of the times I got stuck in the finger with that needle, I’m surprised there aren’t any blood stains, but I got through it and was so proud of these ducks. Minus the pain I look back at the time that I spent with my grandma and truly enjoy the memories, I miss her but I’m so lucky to have so many treasures around me to remind me of fun we had. 
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Tuesday Treasure – Needlepoint Ducks

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