Tuesday’s Treasures

There are many things that I have found in my home that hold history, family history that is. I thought it would be fun to photograph a few of these “treasures” and share them with you and maybe a little story behind them.  So in short that is what “Tuesdays Treasures” is all about, maybe you have a few things in your own home that hold some piece of your family’s history. One thing that I have found through time is not all pieces or hints of our history are on paper, some of these hints might be hanging on our walls, sitting on a shelf or even hanging in a closet. I challenge you to look around your own home and find your own “Tuesdays Treasures.”  Please feel free to share them I would love to see and hear about your “Tuesday Treasures.”
Some would say that my grandma Elfrank was a woman set in her ways that spoke her mind whether you asked for her opinion or not. I won’t lie that is true but she was also very creative and had a great since of humor. That’s why I love this plaque; it shares so much of her options, creativity and her humor. She created this in 1979, noted on the bottom along with her name, Colleen.  No matter what home we live in there is always a place for it on the wall offering her advice with a dash of humor.  

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Tuesday’s Treasures

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