Just a Thought

How many times do we hear someone asking us for our input on a particular subject, everything from world happenings to the world of genealogy as a whole? I thought I would try out a new blog post on Thursdays expressing my thoughts on different subjects about this great addictive world of genealogy.  So this is my first posting under “Just a Thought.” 
I know many of us have heard the phrase “just step away from it and come back to it later.” Usually we hear that when someone sees that we’re getting frustrated with a project, writing, building a tree house or putting together a power point. Believe it or not that same phrase holds true with doing your research. Sometimes you might find yourself reading the same document over and over again and still not finding that key piece of information. Next time you find yourself in this situation try walking away. Put your research aside and come back to it in a week or two with some fresh eyes.  It does work, the hard part is putting it down, trust me I know.  

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Just a Thought

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