Thanksgiving from Mount Vernon to Vermont

Yesterday I shared some articles of prisoners that celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and the extent that some take to spend time with family. These articles today were also found on the website. What’s so nice about articles like these, they list many of the families who celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday and those who attended.  
Bellingham Herald from Bellingham, WA
November 29, 1917
Hoover Menu Combined With Celebration of
Thanksgiving Day – Many Family Reunion Parties at Mount Vernon. 
(Special to The Herald)
MOUNT VERNON, Nov. 29 – Wile adhering strictly to a “Hoover” menu, dinners in celebration of Thanksgiving in Mount Vernon will be as numerous today as on this day a year ago. Family reunion house parties are also enjoying annual turkey festival is every portion of the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K Chambers will be hosts of a 2 o’clock Thanksgiving dinner at which the following will be guests: Mrs. M. S. Frizelle and her sister, Mrs. C. H. Mason, of Leathenworth, Wash; Mr. and Mrs. John Meehan and the Chambers children. Plates will be laid for sixteen at a dinner given today by Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Shrauger, in their home on South Third street.
Another Third street dinner, of which Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Brown will be the hosts, will have the following as guests: Mrs. E. C. Van Houten and Miss Greta Banes, of Seattle; Madame John Woodcock, of Chicago, mother of Mrs. C.P. Woodcock; Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Woodcodk, Master William Woodcock, Miss Jane Freedlander, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Ruley and Mrs. Ruley’s mother, Mrs. Parker.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hammer and children and Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Hammer, of Sedro-Woolley, were the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Moldated at dinner today.
The following families gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Clark for an elaborate 2 o’clock dinner; Mr. and Mrs. Leedam, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Hayes, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Henderson, little Katherine Kenderson, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Miss Ruth Bell, Dr. Sweet and little Grayce Clark. After dinner the company enjoyed an hour or so at bridge then motored to Clear Lake for the dancing party in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. N. McCullough, of Seattle, arrived here yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. William Esary at their county home near Samish, Mrs. McCullough is Mrs. Esary’s mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall’s dinner guests for turkey dinner were: Mr. and Mrs. Arden Hall Sr. and children, Mrs. J. P. Bush, of Seattle; Miss Hazel Hall, John Hall, of Avon, and little Virginia Hall.
Mrs. Mary Gill and Mrs. Opal Johnson gave a Thanksgiving dinner in honor of Mrs. Gill’s parents from Roseburg, Ore., at which plates were laid for sixteen.
Mr. and Mrs. William Rafter left this morning for Seattle, where they will spend Thanksgiving  day with relatives and friends.
Miss Katherine Ornes, Fredrick Ornes and Madame Ornes were the house guests of the Currier family, at LaConner, for over Thanksgiving day.
Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Pace presided at a family reunion dinner at which Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Hannay, of Edison; John Hannay, of the same city, and Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Hannay were guests.
One of the more elaborate dinners give in in this community today was one of which Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Vashaw were the hosts in their home just south of town. A great turkey graced the table at which there were twelve guests.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Howley has as guests Dr. Howley’s mother, Mr. Barbara Howley, and Miss Genevieve Carr, both of Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. Mariln Running’s home also was the scene of a large family reunion gathering including Mr. and Mrs. Arthur erriott, of Seattle, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Running.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hulbert, Jr., left last evening for Seattle, where they will spend the day as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Drake, of that city.
Interest of many in this city is centered in the wedding at LaConner today of Miss Evelyn Packard, formerly of this city, to Dr. Ernest Morgan Jones, of Edmonds. Dr. Jones will begin practicing dentistry in Mount Vernon within a few weeks, Miss Packard is the talented daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Packard, of LaConner, and the wedding took place in the home of the bride’s parents. Only immediate relatives of the two families were present at the ceremony, which was performed by the groom’s father, Rev. Mr. Jones.
Mrs. Minerva Brickey, of Seattle, mother of Mr. W. J. Brickey, and Rev. Noftsinger and his family were the dinner guests today of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Brickey.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gunderson has as dinner guests today at a Thanksgiving dinner Miss Nellie Lee and Peter Lee, of Cedardale; Mr. and Mrs. A. Lillemann, Henry Lillemann and the children of the late Ole Gunderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Polson, of Stanwood, came up for a day’s visit with Mr. Polson’s mother, Mrs.  Nela Polson.
Mrs. M. P. Hard gave an informal Thanksgiving dinner in her home on Vernon Heights, at which Mr. Albert Luth, of Kennewick, Wash., was an out-of-town guest.
Sheriff and Mrs. Charles Stevenson entertained the following as dinner guests today; Mr. and Mrs.  A.  ? Sears. Miss Irene Sears, Miss Nelle Pickering and Mrs. Pickering.
In the country home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Burns the following enjoyed a sumptuous dinner; Mrs. Hadfield, Mrs. Gilbert Hadfield, Misses Carrie and Belle Hadfield, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meeks, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Pope, Peter Downey and Arthur Downey.
At a dinner given in the headquarters of camp of the English Logging Company today 125 single men were seated at an elaborate turkey feast. Sixty turkeys were given to the married men of the two camps south of town.
St. Albans Daily Messenger from St. Albans, VT
December 1, 1900
Seventeenth Annual Meeting Thanksgiving Day – Twenty-nine Present.
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo D. Marvin respectively 80 and 78 years of age, held their seventeenth annual reunion and Thanksgiving at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Campbell, No 13 England St., Thursday. In 1883, when the first family reunion was held the immediate family consisted of only 21 members now it numbers 47. Of this number only 29 were able to be present. A most elaborate Thanksgiving dinner was served, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. 
As this family enjoys the characteristic of being musical to a member no small part of the day was given up to music. A light supper was served at 6 o’clock and several flashlight photographs were taken of the part while seated at one long table.
During these 17 years since the first reunion this family has been called upon to mourn the death of but a single member, that of George W. Beeman, of Swanton. 
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Thanksgiving from Mount Vernon to Vermont

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