My Life Journal…Diana Lewis

I’m staying with the six page idea vs. the four page only because there’s so much information. You can not only find it in the words but also the photos and these are some of the sweetest photos of Diana at Nob Hill. I’m sure all of us can find a photo where we ourselves or one of our family members are sitting in a “swimming pool”, it might not have been a wash tub outside maybe it was the sink. I just love sweet innocent photos like these. Her mother was so well organized in noting all of her developmental dates and  foods, Virginia loved her daughter you can tell just by looking at the first few pages of the book. Enjoy the next six pages, 10-15 and be sure to share and let me know what you think. 
Photograph of pages 10 & 11
   Diana at 6 mo. On the floor of
The living room at Nob Hill.

Diana at 7 yr. in
Her “swimming pool”
Diana on the porch at Nob Hill. She was
Eleven months old & this was the picture I sent her Daddy
who was in Greenland. 

July, 1945

In the
front yard
of Nob Hill
at 13 ½ mo.

Here I was
14 mo. Old.
The picture
was taken by
and Daddy
in the
back yard at
Nob Hill.
Photographs of page 12 & 13

First Week  Diana slept days, cried nights
Second week the same as first week.
Next month She has her nights & days straightened out
Notices sound of voices  Sept. 1, 1944
First tears  Sept. 20, 1944
Recognized Father and Mother  October 25, 1944
Lifts head  November 1, 194
Grasps objects has always been able to hold rattle
Plays with hands Sept. 12, 1944
Sits up (supported) Nov. 25, 1944
Sits up alone Feb. 27, 1945
Creeps June, 1945
Stands with help July, 1945
Walks October 1, 1945
First Words Daddy – Pretty
Walks alone October 1, 1945
Attempts to climb March, 1946
Words together April, 1946
Uses spoon and cup cup- Feb, 1946 – spoon –

You’ve a little way about you
That is very, very dear,
A pleasant way that always makes
Folks glad to have you near,
That brings a smile to welcome you,
A sigh when you depart,
And that little way about you
Has endeared you to my heart.

To Diana
From Deborah
(This is hand written in pencil on the back, penmanship looks to be that of a child.)
Easter’s the day for bunnies,
For brand-new BONNETS too…
But better still, it’s just the time
To say HELLO to you!
    To Diana from Grandmother Lewis
April 1 – 1945 
This is just
for your own little,
cute self alone,
On the very first
Valentine’s Day
you have known!
With Love From Great Grandmother Beers
(This was handwritten in black ink on the back.)

Photographs of pages 14 & 15

First feeding was at the hospital. Her first orange juice and
cod-liver oil was at one month. Prune juice added 5th week.
Note changes At the hospital she had a formula of
evaporated milk & water. Dr. changed this to whole
milk and water when she came home.
First solid food Vegetables from the garden at __________
on July 26, 1945.
Drank from glass at eight months
At one saltines, orange juice       At two bacon, banana’s, milk

During 2ndyear Diana has a great interest in books. At 2 ½
she knew her nursery rhymes quite well and allthe alphabet.
During 6thto 10th year reads books like mad
During 10thto 15th year reads books by the dozens

Tomorrow’s blog post will include a Western Union birthday wish from her daddy along with a sweet birthday card while he was in Ireland. The card is sweet and I have to admit being in a military family myself, my heart breaks when reading about parent and child separation. I know that I’ve been asked about composing a list of all surnames mentioned in the book and their location; I will be posting that on the last posting of Diana Lewis. I’m waiting because this book also has her wedding announcement clippings; those hold additional names, that I will be sharing those later also. 

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My Life Journal…Diana Lewis

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