eBay and Genealogy

    Some of us know you don’t have to leave home to shop or even do our genealogy research. But do we all know about the treasure chest of genealogy wealth you can find on eBay. To be honest I didn’t really know what I had until a close and dear friend pointed that out to me.
     Years ago, during one of my husband’s deployments I found this wonderful site on the internet, eBay. Little did I know when I started shopping for story ideas for children’s books that I would find such a treasure.  I would go on in search of antique diaries, letters, journals even baby books. I was so surprised to see how much was there.  I didn’t know where to start, from autograph books dating back to 1864, baby book full of memories from a baby girl born in Natick, Massachusetts later moving to Canada . Even letters between father and son during his military enlistment followed the years he served during war.
     For the past few months I’ve been working tirelessly trying to get all of the photos, letters, documents, diaries, journals and baby books scanned. Along with now working to transcribe all of them, this is an ongoing adventure that has many twists and turns with every page I turn and letter I open.  But an idea that I encourage all of you to at least visit.  If you don’t have the interest in searching other surnames, families, than search for your surnames or one that you’re currently working on. You might even find that one piece of information that completes a chain of events in the lives of your ancestors. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

     I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I will be posting some pages, photos, cards and newspaper clippings from the baby book I mentioned earlier. “My Life Journal” will share the life of Diana Lewis born 17 July 1944 in Natick, Massachusetts. So I invite you to check in and see what some of her life was like and find out about the family and all included in this book.

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eBay and Genealogy

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