Treasure Chest Thursday

Best little orange box in town that is actually a big box of memories. The old, “Town & Country Shoes,” shoe box was recently given to me by my mom on a holiday trip back home. While we were visiting my parents, we sought through some old family photographs and I was able to bring some of them home. That’s right I brought them home in this “orange shoe box”, but don’t worry I’ve placed them in acid free sleeves and boxes. So my Thursday Treasure Chest is the “orange box” pictured below and I’ve decided to scan a few of the photos in and share, no laughing.

orangs box

SCAN0032       SCAN0057

The sweet bonnet girl is non other then my mom, Deborah Sue ELFRANK Langston. The rough and tough cowboy and boot wearing cowgirl happen to be my uncle Fred Leroy ELFRANK and my mom.

SCAN0013        SCAN0458

The beautiful lady and handsome man pictured on the left are my grandparents, Martha Colleen CLINTON Elfrank and Fred Henry ELFRANK. Now for the other couple on the right, remember no laughing, yes that’s one of the “Seven Dwarfs” and myself.


Yes that’s me in a pink lace dress, my poor daughter was in shock with this one, it was my junior prom.

Just remember some of your treasures might be in a simple shoe box. So pull them out, clear the table, spread them out and share.
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Treasure Chest Thursday

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