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My Family Book

Our family black book, boy does that sound strange. I’m referring to a black three-ring binder that was passed on to me by my mom.
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This is a book full of wonderful antidotes, dates, photos, copied documents, and one research page after another.
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On the first page, it explains the reason behind the binder. The binder was given to Henry and Zella (Clinton) Edwards on their 50th anniversary.  

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 A book of information covering 227 years and giving information on over 1850 people. All of the information within the book came from relatives, friends, neighbors, obituaries, records, newspaper clipping. Two publications; History of Daviess Co, Indiana A New History of the Kilgore Family. It was put together by Chester B. Edwards, Garret E. Edwards, and Fara C. Edwards and completed on April 1, 1971.

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Family History

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