Tuesdays Time to Laugh

     Recently while doing some research on an ancestor of mine, Cornelia Josephine Gray, I wasn’t having a lot of luck. So I decided it was time to search some of the archived newspapers.  While doing so I began reading some of the strangest stories. While looking through the Chicago Tribune I came across this article written around, 2 July 1876. I couldn’t help but laugh as I was reading this article below. Just trying to picture Mr. French and all of the neighboring lodgers as they were explaining the events that took place. Not to mention the expression of the individual who wrote this article.  I know Tuesdays are sometimes a difficult day for some of us, so I thought I would give you all a little something to read and laugh at.
  We have all read something in our local newspaper that shocks us, makes us laugh or even makes us wonder if it’s really news.  But have we really taken the time to read some of these older newspapers. They just don’t write articles like they use to.

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Tuesdays Time to Laugh

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