Matrilineal Monday – Great Grandmother Emma Josephine HARRENBURG

   Now I would like to introduce you to my Great Grandmother Emma Josephine HARRENBURG (Hopper). This is my dad’s grandmother, on his father’s side, her parents were Cornelia Josephine GRAY, born in Alabama, and her dad was Charles HARRENBERG, born in Missouri.
   Great Grandma Emma Josephine HARRENBURG (Hopper) was born 31 AUG 1890 in Missouri. She married Robert Nathanial Elmer HOPPER on 11 NOV 1912 when she was 22 years old. She lived in Cape Girardeau with my Great Grandfather after their marriage. She had five children Mary Angelina HOPPER, Charles Garrett HOPPER, Robert Eugene HOPPER, Carrie Lee HOPPER and my grandmother Lena Katherine Elizabeth HOPPER. She passed away 31 May 1966 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
     Just like my past post on my Great Grandmothers, I wasn’t around when they were with us. So I had to rely on what I remember about any stories, which was not a lot. So I turned to my dad to ask what he remembered about his grandmother. He remembers her being a very head strong lady set in her ways. She was a professional piano player that spent most of her childhood in schools in Germany. It was probably her love of the piano that drove her to trying to convince my dad to play the piano; he didn’t have any real desire to play and never did. One of the fondest memories that he has of her was during Christmas, she would make the best hot coco, and he still believes there’s no other hot coco like it.
     I’ve only touched the surface as to what Emma Josephine HARRENBURG (Hopper) was like. I have the strong suspicion that there’s a lot more that I’ll learn about her as time goes on. I’ll be sure to share those findings as they come to the surface of my search into her and her family. 
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Matrilineal Monday – Great Grandmother Emma Josephine HARRENBURG

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