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     All of the presents are unwrapped the toys put away, new clothes hung up and your still sitting around trying to figure out how to work that new electronic device you got. If you’re like me put it down and step away for a few minutes and remember everything that happened these past two days.

     It’s likely you might have overlooked or forgotten about a special comment, thought that someone had, or even possibly a new tradition. I know if you’re like me you were probably going a mile a minute, with all the baking, shopping, decorating and traveling. One thing that I’ve learned this year is that during the holidays, when I hear or see something that should be remembered I need to record it. So next year, I will make sure to have my phone handy, so I can record all of those comments, thoughts and traditions.  It will be fun to play back all tidbits that I might have missed. For instance the memory of seeing my husband and daughter playing the “Mystery Date Game”, no one wanted the DUD. When we all jumped into the car, drove around town looking at Christmas decorations then came back home and opened our presents. There’s a new tradition that we all enjoyed.

     My point is you never know what you might miss during these special times. So find a way to temporally record it till later. Then when you have the time to document it for all so see and share you will be glad you did it.  
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