Advent Calendar – Grab Bag – Big Blue Cat

     Is your family one of those families that has a “ham bone” or simple goofy Christmas tradition? Well the Langston’s do, my dad’s side of the family. Correction my dad’s sisters do, or they did. That’s where the “Big Blue Cat” comes in to play, or exchange I should say. I’m not sure who really started this tradition if I were to look at the gift I would have to say my Aunt Sally since she is the big lover of cats.


     Every year we would gather to celebrate Christmas and all of our blessings. Everyone would take turns hosting it at their home and it usually took place the first weekend after Christmas. Trust me this was a house full, not everyone could make it to all of the gatherings but when we did you had to make room for eighteen bodies both young and younger. Everyone would bring some baked goods and a side dish or two, just like a regular family reunion. Once we finished with all the hugs the kids would give the parents a brake, short brake and go entertain ourselves till the dinner bell would ring. After we finished eating and enjoying all of the sugary sweets it was time to gather around the tree for a paper ripping good time. This was when we would discover who would be the new owner of the “Big Blue Cat”. It sat about sixteen inches tall with its pink eyes, long eyelashes and full of bubble bath. Yep that’s right, “Big Blue Cat” with bubble bath inside. I’m not really sure if anyone ever used it or not it was just a fun tradition that was passed around every year. Funny thing I don’t know where that cat is now but the memory I and others have of it will last for many years to come.
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Advent Calendar – Grab Bag – Big Blue Cat

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