Advent Calendar – Christmas Shopping

     I remember Christmas shopping when I was younger, no wait that was making out my wish list for Santa. Every year right before Thanksgiving the Sears catalog would arrive, along with JcPenny catalog. My brothers and I would take turns going through the catalogs, circling what we wanted then folding the corners of each page that had all the good stuff.  Why did they stop sending out those catalogs, those were the best things ever, oh yeah the internet. I guess you could say that tradition continues on here in the Rodesky house. Except the catalogs look more like flyers and each child uses a different colored highlighter. I guess with a neon highlighter we have no excuse to miss anything circled.  

     Growing up I remember when the PTA would open “Santa’s Workshop” in the library. You would walk into room with all of these wonderful small gifts sitting on tables. Some for your parents, grandparents and even siblings, there were so many choices. After we carefully picked out all of gifts we would then go back to the classroom and wrap away.   

     Christmas shopping, what a fun activity that we all try and do with smiles on our faces and holiday warmth in our hearts.  I know that with good intentions I try and start early, but it never fails that the minds of the young ones change. But I think over the last few years we have it down pretty good. We wait until the week after “Black Friday”, things are usually calmer then. Both my husband and I take turns with each of the kids. We take them out to various stores and let them pick out what they want to get for each other. It’s surprising to see how well they know each other and seem to pick just the right thing.
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Advent Calendar – Christmas Shopping

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