"Thank you so much Angela for taking the time to read through my chicken scratches of research. WE are so glad that you came into our lives and solved the family mystery of our great grand mother."

- Client from Clarksville, TN

"Angie, it was a pleasure working with you. You found several articles I couldn't find on my own. I was excited to see results so quick. You delivered what you promised! I will definitely recommend friends and use your help again in the future. I know genealogy is time consuming and I appreciate you taking the time to help me!"

- Kristy 

Photograph of Fred Elfank and LeRoy Elfrank
Henry Elfrank

"Angie, we really appreciate your dedication to solving our family brick walls. The information you provide will be handed down for generations to enjoy. We cannot thank you enough for the professional work and dedication to the facts you have provided to our family history."

- Brenda Thompson K. 

Jefferson City, MO

"I saw a documentary on TV about a local genealogist, Angela Rodesky, in our community. I was not certain if she would take on such a menial search, but I contacted her and she agreed to assist me with my family tree. She was able to trace not only my great grandfather, but identified his parents and their migration and location. A roadblock that had baffled many in our family was dismantled. Angie not only found the links I needed to continue to fill in my family tree, she graciously spent time with me to assit me in explaining ancestry search techniques so I was better equipped to hunt on my own when looking at census, tax, and wedding registries. When I hit a block on my tree - I requested her time again and she helped me move down the road to discover not only who I am, but where my "family" migrated.

Angie is now working on my third search for me and I highly recommend her. I deeply appreciate the effort she has put into my ancestry questions and look forward to more answers to come with Angie's help!"

- Joanne W.

Clarksville, TN


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